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Here’s a garden full of reasons to wear your baby:

Hip Carry

“I Love My Mommy!”


  • Hands Free!
  • Baby more often in “quiet alert state”- the optimal learning state
  • Entrainment- training of regular heartbeat and breathing rhythm for baby, whose neurological system is not fully developed until 1 year of age
  • Hormone- Prolactin-gives mother and baby feeling of relaxation and well being
  • Reduced stress on back, shoulders, and hips-baby is closer to wearer’s center of gravity—therefore, better posture for wearer
  • Greater speech development-more environmental experiences and conversations
  • Helps build baby’s equilibrium, balance and strength
  • Builds trust, security, self reliance and confidence
  • No stroller needed!
  • Economical-one sling from newborn to toddler years
  • Nurse baby on the go and discreetly-use the tail over your shoulder
  • Sling allows transfer to another wearer while baby remains in the sling without being disturbed
  • Good exercise for wearer, who needs the gym?
  • Don’t have to remove baby from sling to place and strap into car seat-don’t wake a sleeping baby
  • Baby can sit more upright while keeping legs together- not forced apart while the pelvis is soft and developing
  • Divinely designed way to respond to the needs of your baby!!!

The Secret Garden =)