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"The Bachar Bunch" Spring 2010

Hi, I’m Keri Bachar, owner of Peas in a Pod Baby Slings.  I never imagined that I would be putting together a website or blogging about baby wearing, but I also never imagined that my husband, Steve, and I would be blessed with seven children either!  Great is the Lord! 
After Steve and I married, and our first child was born, I wanted to try “wearing” him.  I found a sling (I’ve blocked it’s name out of my memory) to use, and I tried and tried and tried to wear him. The inside and outside rails of the sling were padded, and the tail was difficult to pull.  Needless to say I fumbled with it and was never able to get him up much higher than my hips and it made my back hurt!  I gave up……well, until I had our 5th child in 2006. I wish I hadn’t waited that long!!!  
Anyway, a friend lent me a ring sling with a video and written instructions.  It was green and white checkered–yes, like a picnic tablecloth–and it was about as big, too!  I fumbled a little, but I was able to adjust my little one to my liking, though I had way too much fabric to work with!  I was determined now, and really liked the whole sling idea, but the tablecloth had to GO!
Off to the fabric store I went!  I loved the batiks and tie dyed fabrics I found!  They were definitely more fashionable than the tablecloth pattern I had been wearing!  The first pattern I found  for myself was a green on green batik with little circular swirls that looked like peas, and since I affectionately call my little ones “my little sweet peas,” it fit!  I made up my own dimensions and made my own sling!  I was stopped every time I was out in public (the grocery store, church, the mall, the park…) and asked what it was, how happy my baby seemed in it, and where I got it.  After being asked so many times, I started replying, “Would you like me to make you one?”  …and that is how Peas in a Pod Baby Slings came to be!
I have made them over the years as gifts for baby showers, craft fairs, baby fairs, Christmas gifts, and for friends.  Now, the most common question I have is, “Do you have a website?”   

Spencer & Mommy, Oct. 2006

Well, I can finally answer, “Yes!”  Thank you to all of you who love wearing your babies as much as I do, and thank you to all of you new parents out there that want to learn!  Enjoy your little sweet peas and keep them close…they’ll love it and so will you.  It truly is a divine way to carry your little sweet peas, God designed your little ones to desire being close to you and bond with you…accept the gift!