Cradle Carry

The Cradle Carry is used from Newborns on up and it is the best position for nursing your little one!

The Cradle Carry is the first position you would use with a newborn because it is the most supportive for babies with little head control.  Other positions good for Newborns are the Snuggle and the Recline!  You may view these carrying positions via video or written instructions under the “How To” tab!

Whenever you place your baby into your Peas in a Pod Baby Sling, always support baby’s head until the sling is fully tightened and baby is supported adequately by the sling.  Since Newborns have little head control, you may want to use a small blanket, folded and placed under baby’s neck so that her chin cannot rest on her chest–this can restrict breathing.

Place the sling over your head with the rings resting just in front of your desired shoulder and the tail hanging down in front (threaded under the top ring).  Remember, there should be no twists in the fabric, since they can hinder adjusting the sling easily, allowing baby to ride safely (if the pouch is twisted), and distributing baby’s weight evenly across your back (if the back strap is twisted).  To view how to thread your sling, see the “How To” tab under videos.  Make a little cradle out of the fabric by pulling the inner rail (the fabric closest to your body) up against your chest, and create a pocket between the inner and outer rail (the outer fabric).  Your infant’s head can be on either side of the sling, though I have found that as your baby grows, it can become more difficult to adjust the sling and less comfortable for baby if her head is too close to the rings.  To avoid this, make sure the rings are in the correct position, just in front of your shoulder, and that baby is comfortably lower than the rings to allow for adjustment.

Hold baby in a cradle position with her head on the desired side and your hand on her bottom, and lower her into the sling bottom first.  You may use either arm for lowering baby and tightening the sling, so you will have to try it and see what works best for you!  Continue to support baby on the back side as you pull the tail of the sling until you reach the desired position and baby is fully supported and secured by the sling.  Wear your baby level with your belly button to 4 inches below for best comfort.  To customize the position of baby, pull on the outside of the tail just below the rings to tighten the inner rail, and pull on the inside of the tail just below the rings to adjust the outer rail.  Then make sure to spread the fabric out over your shoulder; this makes the sling more comfortable and evenly distributes the weight of baby across your back.

This carrying position is a favorite of newborns and my babies before they were about 4 months old.  The cradle carry is perfect for breast feeding discreetly; all you have to do is lower the inner rail while carrying your baby.  If you want more coverage than the outer rail already provides, you can use the tail as a cover by draping it over your shoulder.  After my little ones reached about 4 months old, they did not prefer this carrying position unless they wanted to sleep or nurse; they fancied positions that allowed them to “see the world”!