Baby Slings

All of these fabric patterns are 100% cotton, and therefore are very breathable and comfortable!  These fabrics on this page are for the adult slings, the doll sling fabric is on its coordinating page.

Each pattern is unique and very limited in quanities available.  Get them while you can!  The patterns and colors are constantly changing.  As new fabrics are available, they will be added to the gallery; and likewise, as patterns become unavailable, they will be removed.

We have a variety of colored rings that coordinate beautifully with the batik sling fabric!  The colors available are:

Pink, Purple, Red, Green, Turquoise, Blue 

Silver, Pewter, Gold, Brown, Bronze, Black 

When ordering, please use the Order Form page and enter your information with the desired fabric.  I will choose a coordinating pair of rings for your fabric.  However, if the fabric is not already made into a sling, you can make ring color suggestions!

Baby Sling Price:  $55.95(+ 4% tax for SD residents)

Shipping: aproximately $8.50, varies by location and weight

Quanities: Only 1 of any given fabric. Please contact me regarding quanities more than 1, so I can check on the availability of the fabric.

See various fabric options below!