Water Slings

Water Slings!

Need to Cool Off from the summer heat?

Head to the pool with your little one in your water sling!

They are 100% polyester hand dyed mesh material that drains water quickly! It will not get weighted down with water like a cotton sling will and it allows you to keep your regular cotton sling dry for after swimming! You can keep baby close to you and safe if you need your hands free for your toddler in the wading pool. It saves those moms with the dilema of what to do with their sleeping baby while their toddler wants to swim, and it also gives the baby a chance to be exposed to the water a bit while allowing mom free hands to hold onto her toddler’s hands!  After trying a water sling, you’ll wonder what you ever did without one! Colors are limited.  (note of common sense: Water slings are not meant to swim with your baby on you. They are meant to allow you free hands while wading, and a comfortable place for your baby to ride. 🙂 )See the slings pictured below!

Pricing: $44.95 plus shipping (and tax for SD residents)

Shipping costs based upon weight and destination.

Light Green with blue rings

Peach with purple rings

Light Blue with red rings

Purple with purple rings

Orange with blue rings