...and now baby #3, Joshua!

Using a sling with your baby is a lifestyle, a conscious choice to give the best to your baby.  It took me a few tries before Madeleine and I were both comfortable, but once we got the hang of it, we have not looked back.  She is a happier, more content baby, now that I wear her.  She can go anywhere with me, and I still have two hands that are free to do what I need to get done. It also allows me to give more to my 2 year old, Grace.  I have found freedom amidst having my baby closer! 

Sandy Lundin (Green Bay, WI)

I love my Peas in a Pod Baby Sling!  I would see Keri using hers in church over the years with her kids and be amazed at her zipping around, either leading the music or chasing one of her other little ones.  One day I commented to her that it looked like she was able to accomplish a lot with her baby in the sling, allowing both hands to be free.  She said it was great because she could nurse her baby and still do all this and no one knew.  I was SOLD!  With two older kids involved in many activities, yet not old enough to be left unattended,  I’ve found it very inconvenient to haul everyone back to the  hot vehicle to nurse.  I found this sling to be the answer to my dilema.  Unlike other slings that force the baby’s neck too close to the chest while carrying, my Peas in a Pod Baby Sling has the fexibility to let my baby girl’s head rest more in the crook of my arm while nursing, yet supporting the rest of her body so that I can have my hands free to do a variety of chores at home, play with my older kids, or even take a fast-paced walk!  The most important feature to me is being able to nurse in public: while watching a T-ball game, while grocery shopping, or while in church–no one can tell!  I have had several people ask if they can see the baby when she’s hiding in the sling, and I have to explain that she is nursing and can’t visit now.  People are amazed and always comment, “I had no idea you could do that!  Isn’t that wonderful?!”  While at a recent family get-together, a cousin, who has a baby about the same age as mine, was struggling to nurse discreetly, while I nursed Isabelle and hopped around the room visiting with people.  My cousin said, “I can’t believe you can walk around and eat while you nurse!”  I think she needs a Peas in a Pod Baby Sling!  The sling, like anything with motherhood, took a few times to learn, but it was worth it!  As I write this, I am nursing Isabelle.  She is happy and Mommy is thrilled! 

Robin Kelsey (Nunda, SD)

I received my sling as a baby gift and was excited and scared at the
same time. The thought of keeping my precious little one with me as I
was doing things around the house was wonderful!  I just hoped I would
do it right! Keri gave me great instructions and I learned quickly
that it is easy and very secure. I couldn’t believe how much my little ones
enjoyed it!  It really took a lot of stress off my back as well.  I hope
 I can have more kids so I can keep using it!

Kimberly Grube (Mandan, ND)